Physiotherapy New Zealand


“I love acupuncture simply because it works and it helps to improve the condition of my patients. I feel satisfied and rewarded seeing my patients having their problems resolved”


“I am passionate about natural health and healing. I’ve traveled and studied with renowned masters in the Chinese, Tibetan and Indian healing and spiritual traditions. My approach to complementary medicine focuses on healing the root cause of the ailment and harmonizing the body, energy and mind; which leads to optimal health, greater vitality and mental well-being. My treatment plans are tailor made to the individual and may include, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, moxabustion, oriental body work (massage, cupping, gua sha), diet therapy, qigong and yoga therapy.”


“I graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry. My interest in podiatry began when I started to see a lot of people getting foot-related injuries when playing football. My main interests within podiatry include sports-related biomechanics, orthotic therapy and the management of the diabetic foot. Putting podiatry aside, I am passionate about football, and in fact I am a keen player. As well as football, I also strive to keep myself fit and healthy throughout all domains of my life. It’s always the small things that make the difference.”


“I’ve always had a passion for treating people. I believe that the key to rehabilitation lies within understanding human anatomy and physiology, as well as having an appreciation for, and including Te Whare Tapa Whā as part of your practicing structure. By catering to all four dimensions of health (physical, emotional, spiritual and social), I am reassured that I am doing my best to cater to my patients. Its all about the big picture.”


“I love to help people, reduce their pain and help them recover from injury through the delivery of acupuncture.
The reason I love acupuncture is because acupuncture does not only treat the symptom, it also treats the root of the causes of the pain through a holistic method.”


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